“Douce Folie”, our semi-sweet Pinot Gris

“Douce Folie” is our latest creation… A Pinot Gris with a nice sweetness and ideal for desserts… You will be delighted…

Tasting and serving tips :

  • golden, clear and shiny colour
  • aromas of pears
  • Thanks to its round and fruity taste, “Douce Folie” is a very pleasant, tender and supple wine.
  • The little sweetness of this wine makes it the perfect companion of light desserts such as fresh fruit tarts.
  • You can also simply enjoy this wine with friends as a pre-meal drink.

Culture and vinification :

  • Grapes : Pinot Gris
  • “Douce Folie” is vinified in a “Malvoisie” style (semi-sweet white from the Loire Valley).