“La P’tite Folie”, our traditional method wine

Party & delicacy… Simplicity & elegance… “La P’tite Folie” is the ideal drink when you want to have a relaxing time with friends or family.

Tasting and serving tips :

  • straw-yellow colour
  • delicately fruity smell (pear, apple) with a hint of spices (cinnamon)
  • Taste : you will appreciate its fine bubbles and its aromas of hazelnut. Vividness, a wide range of tastes and a good balance.
  • Serving tips : “La P’tite Folie” can be served at parties and aperitifs with friends. Delicate and fresh, you won’t need any excuse to enjoy its fine bubbles.
  • “La P’tite Folie” will also go very well with all types of desserts.

Culture and vinification :

  • Grapes :Colombard – Melon de Bourgogne
  • “La P’tite Folie” is produced following the traditional method used in the Champagne region or for the crémants wines. The second fermentation occurs in the bottle. The maturing on laths (horizontal storage) lasts 12 to 15 months.
  • “La P’tite Folie” is a dry sparkling wine.

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