Our work – Terra Vitis

The “Domaine de la Foliette” has signed the Terra Vitis agreement: it is essential for us to guarantee an ecological and quality method of production that respects the environment.

Terra Vitis is a unique process in France and is founded on two principles :

  • The respect of traditional savoir-faire and of the wine-growing heritage in order to protect them and pass them on to future generations.
  • These wines are created with the consumers’ pleasure in mind : this ensures pleasurable moments to share around a glass of wine.

The governing principle of the Terra Vitis process: precision, research, experimentation and innovation, always bearing the quality of wines in mind.

By chosing a Terra Vitis wine, you commit with the wine-growers to preserve the wine-growing landscapes and to savour a quality wine produced respecting both humans and their environment.

This production process reflects our frame of mind :

  • members of  “independent wine-growers” to assert the authenticity and the hallmark of our wines
  • a limited production
  • all the production stages are carried out in our domain, from the nursery of new grapevines to the marketing of bottles.

Finally, the diversity of our local soils (schists, micaschists, amphibolite and orthogneiss) enables us to produce various balanced blends.