Site du domaine de la Foliette, producteurs de Muscadet et vins à la Haie Fouassière

The Winery

Our winery specialises in the production of high quality « Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie », in respect of the Loire Valley wines savoir-faire.

Situated in the heart of the wine-growing region around Nantes, Domaine de la Foliette has developed a range of Muscadet wines that will suit all tastes and all gastronomic uses. Our wines are appreciated everywhere in the world: from the United States to Japan, throughout Europe, and of course in the gourmet restaurants of Nantes and its region. This range also includes “pleasure wines” such as Sauvignon and Chardonnay IGP Val de Loire, a traditional method sparkling wine, a semi-sweet white, a rosé and a sparkling grape juice.

Le Domaine

Our History

Denis and Eric, who have worked together twenty five years, share their passion and expertise to create a range of Muscadet wines with very definite tastes.

The vines have been omnipresent in the Loire Valley since Roman Times (around 276 A.D., in the times of the Emperor Probus). At “la Foliette”, the oldest documents that we have seen date back to 1635 and they mention the exchange of vine plots of a white grape variety, which proves the previous existence of wine growing on our Domain.

Our values

The values that we share guide our daily work and our idea of a great wine :

  • The hard work and quality we put in our wines are the sign of our involvement.
  • The pleasure to create good wines and the knowledge that our clients and connoisseurs will enjoy tasting them.
  • Respect of the traditions : we are in a continuing process of innovation and we use and master more and more advanced techniques.
  • Respect of the environment with more than 20 years of Terra Vitis certification and a conversion in process to organic viticulture.
  • We make our wines from A to Z: at La Foliette all our wines come from our own vineyard and our vines from our vine nursery. From grafting our future vines to labelling the bottles we control all the steps.

Our commitments