Our history

Denis and Eric, who have worked together twenty five years, share their passion and expertise to create a range of Muscadet wines with very definite tastes.

The vines have been omnipresent in the Loire Valley since Roman Times (around 276 A.D., in the times of the Emperor Probus). At “la Foliette”, the oldest documents that we have seen date back to 1635 and they mention the exchange of vine plots of a white grape variety, which proves the previous existence of wine growing on our Domain.

Here is a chronology of the recent history of Domaine de la Foliette:

  • 1926 : Joseph Brosseau settled at La Foliette. The wine estate is composed by a house and a vineyard of 14 hectares around the castle.
  • 1928 : Joseph Brosseau creates the entity « Domaine de la Foliette », at the time the « Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée Muscadet Sèvre et Maine » is created.
  • 1988 : Denis Brosseau, Joseph’s grandson, takes over the winery.
  • 1996 : Eric Vincent joins the winery and is in charge of the vineyard, Denis takes care of the cellar.
  • 2000 : First Terra Vitis Certification
  • 2019 : First year of conversion to organic viticulture
  • 2021: Domaine de la Foliette has grown and is now production great wines on 40 hectares spread on three towns (la Haye-Fouassière, Haute-Goulaine and Vertou) which gives it an ideal position in the Muscadet region.