Our commitments

We has been involved in the Terra Vitis certification since 2000: it is essential for us to guarantee an ecological and quality method of production that respects the environment.

1/ Terra Vitis is a unique process in France and is founded on two principles :

  • The respect of traditional savoir-faire and of the wine-growing heritage in order to protect them and pass them on to future generations.
  • These wines are created with the consumers’ pleasure in mind : this ensures pleasurable moments to share around a glass of wine.

The governing principle of the Terra Vitis process: precision, research, experimentation and innovation, always bearing the quality of wines in mind.
By chosing a Terra Vitis wine, you commit with the wine-growers to preserve the wine-growing landscapes and to savour a quality wine produced respecting both humans and their environment.

2/ Our conversion to organic certification will guarantee our clients that we use :

  • only natural products to fight against the different disease in the vineyard
  • no synthetic phytosanitary products


3/ Le label vignerons indépendant

“Vigneron Indépendant” (independent winegrower) have two main goals : to defend and promote independent winegrowers work and their economic growth. Their logo is the symbol of independent winegrowing, full of different terroir, climate and the diversity of savoir-faire of the men and women working in the French vineyard.